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Mariam AbramyanAt Vanguard Medical Billing, we possess the dedicated personnel that can manage your billing services in the most efficient and ethical manner.  With decades of experience in the industry, our team aims to propel your practice into a new era of success.

We were established as a small collections firm working with local professionals.  The success and results we consistently delivered added to our fast growth.  We eventually outgrew our local market and expanded to provide our services to clients around the nation. Our inspirational manager, Mariam Abramyan, has partnered with various practices and consistently redefined success.

Mariam has always maintained a trusting and productive relationship when working alongside her clients.  The range of professionals she works with is extensive and exemplifies her successful portfolio.

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Our team currently works with over 100 clients and is continually expanding.  Each of the practices we have worked with has seen exponential increases in profitability, operational efficiency, patient retention, and billing recoupment.

Mariam continues to provide efficient solutions to specialists from various industries.

With her extensive history of success and dedication to serving her client’s needs, we have maintained long-lasting partnerships.

VMB eliminates the complications of medical billing and allows you to concentrate your efforts on serving your patients. We look forward to bringing success to your practice.

Healthcare Industries Served Include:

checkENT Specialists
checkGeneral Surgeons
checkPlastic Surgeons
checkSurgical Centers

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Mariam Abramyan founded Vanguard Medical Billing to provide doctors with an effective solution to the complex maze of medical billing.
She and her team provide comprehensive medical billing services to practices around the Los Angeles, Glendale, and Hollywood areas.